The 24-Hour Diner, or the 'Diner for short, is a webcomic penned (primarily) by Rob Meridy and inspired by the real-life misadventures of his friends. Pull up a seat, read on, and maybe learn something about life, love, and the pursuit of the next great video game.

Animejump! - Anime reviews and more, with a comedic twist
AMV - The definitive source for anime music videos
2Chan - Japanese image BBS.
4Chan - "Ahm still chargin' mah laser!!"
7Chan - 4Chan's founding members built a city on a hill, 7Chan
RenChan - Like 4chan, but with a different community vibe
Dreamwave - Dreamwave comics' official site
Graham Crackers Comics - Excellent Source for online shopping
Midtown comics - If you couldn't find it at Graham Crackers, you'll find it here
Rupp's World - If you couldn't find it at Midtown, this is the last stop before eBay
Udon's Street FIghter - Every self-respecting gamer should be reading this comic
DDR Freak - THE Dance Dance Revolution site
Fileplanet - Just about every PC-gaming related file you could ask for is here
Gamefaqs - Stuck in a game? They'll get you through
Gameforms - Great source for gaming news
Gamepro - Online version of the famous gaming mag
Gamespot - Okay source for gaming news...if you're fast or willing to pay for it
Insert Credit - Fresh from Japan, the latest overseas gaming news
IGN - Like gamespot, only...I can't finish this sentence.
Polycount - Mod makers and game-tweakers unite
Albino Black Sheep - Gi-normous collection of flash movies from everywhere
The Official Ninja Webpage - ...Because ninjas are mammals, you know
Mammonet - From the man that brought you the Official ninja webpage
Penny Arcade - Legendary gaming-related webcomic
Weebl & Bob - I like pie, too.
Xiao Xiao - An internet legend, now dead apparently
You're the man now, dog - Just go. Don't ask, just go
Anime 'n More - Hard-to-find anime merchandise for sale
Hobbyfan Resin Kits - THE spot for anime resin kits and Gundam models
Robozone - Like big robots? Then why haven't you clicked the link yet?
ChibiTokyo ( fmr. VOE ) - Its like j-list, except with less weird crap and more of what you want
J-List - Buy strange things from the land of the rising sun.