The 24-Hour Diner, or the 'Diner for short, is a webcomic penned (primarily) by Rob Meridy and inspired by the real-life misadventures of his friends. Pull up a seat, read on, and maybe learn something about life, love, and the pursuit of the next great video game.

Episode.115 Rob's 2006 Blizzard Fanart Contest entry

Artists' Commentary: Rob
I created an entry for Blizzard's first annual fan art contest. There were serveral subcategories to enter, the one I chose being low-poly 3D (character). The basic idea behind this guy was "what would happen if World of WarCraft's Katrana Prestor got it on with a human?" The end result was this (uninspired) dragon halfling. Its hard to make something awesome with less than 1000 polys, but at least I can say I tried.
News Bites: Rob
I've got all the sections of the site up and running, so now I just need to create some content...this could take a while.

I like a cookie...

It's been my custom to let my work (or lack thereof) speak for me so far as this site's concerned. Ever since this thing first started backin the summer of 2002, every column I've written has been pretty succinct. In retrospect, I suppose that was because I thought rambling on about these comics and the events they chronicle was a little redundant. Over time, my column here shrank in length until it became little more than a quick five-word sentence along the lines of "I'm busy, the next comic's coming."

Yet, this was truth; it's not in me to sit idle, and both circumstances and my own personal motivations conspired to keep me just on the edge of being overwhelmed by the sheer number of hats on my head. Behind the scenes of this reality webcomic, life (ironically enough) got in the way. The comic ground to a halt, yet all the while new stories were happening. Even now as I reflect on these last four years, I'm in awe at just how much has changed, and in disbelief that I've had the good fortune to meet every person I call "friend".

It then dawned on me that it would be impossible to tell every story there is among this tight-knit crew. Even a lifetime of work would only desribe a epsilon-level fraction of the triumphs, losses, joys, betrayals, bad days, best weeks, embarrassments, bewilderments, rivalries, and good times we share in a single month, let alone the years of past experiences we have to draw on. Cranking out these comics on any sort of schedule is therefore a pointless and futile endeavor.

Better to tell the stories that can't stop coming back; the events we recall over and over because of some lasting quality they posess; The stories that keep cropping up as we sit around a table in an IHOP / Steak n' Shake / City Cafe restaurant at 3am. After all, these are the stories that will stay with everyone involved, and everyone who hears them, for years. They're what are referred to in industrialized nations as "Kodak moments."

But then, isn't that what this webcomic was created for in the first place? To act as a sort of photoalbum from what many baby-boomers assure me is the best time of our lives? Of course it is, it's just that somewhere along the line I forgot that. So, while I can't promise I'll produce these comics on a more timely basis, I can promise that the endless parade of omake art will throttle back, if not end altogether. The real point of this site is the comics, and I aim to get it back on track.

With this new design I've decided to make it less impossible to contact the folks directly behind this website, myself included. Just click the little "Contact" link at the top of the page to drop us a line. I've also decided to do away with the Cast section from the past. Aside from being a gray area where personal privacy is concerned and being a potential clashing point between friends (not to imply that the Colin saga could have been avoided...), the section was superfluous. The stories we tell here are, on a fundamental level, universal. It doesn't really matter who precisely did what, when you take a step back and really consider it. In place of the Cast section, we've got something a little different: Claude's corner. I can't really describe it any better than he can, so just go take a look.

So how's that for something to say?

This is the title

Hey... I'm actually working on a new comic, detailing (slightly) my adventures in New Orleans. Got the (very) rough outline made. Seems to be three pages at the moment, but these things could change. Of course, if Sid were telling this story, it would be 45 pages long. Zing.